History of Walton Vintage Motorcycles

It all started in 1980, Waldek and Pawel, cousins in Poland, decided that their passion for classic motorcycles had gotten the better of them. They decided to buy a couple of old bikes and start restoring. Waldek went with German AVO Simson, 250 from 1954, and a Polish 350 1963 Junak for Pawel. Soon after the hype of this idea came to a rest they sold the bikes. Years later, in 1999, they decided to search for these two-wheeled machines and actually go through with their dream of traveling the open road. With the help of their friend Piotr and Pawel Walczakow they were able to turn these works of art into reality. The only thing was that instead of going and hitting the open road the historical pieces became an art in their homes.

Soon after this experience, Waldek and Pawel had a new dream, and Walton Vintage was formed. Sokol, Zundapp, BMW, Indian, Harley Davidson, and NSU are just some of the pieces that made it into their collection in the first year.  Within a couple of years of their collection starting Grzesiek, Waldek’s brother, joined the gang. Grzesiek’s expertise of lesser-known smaller brand motorcycle contributed to the collection in adding variety and exceptional differentiation in style and rarity. This is when more rare bikes such as Raleigh, Wimmer, Panther, Opel, Nimbus, Velocette, Motosacoche,Terrot, Horex ,Victoria, Dresch, Sunbeam, and many others were introduced to what by now was a brilliant collection of finished and unfinished historical timepieces of war and pre-war machines.

Since 2002 Walton Vintage has been growing exponentially in its collection. With this growth came more expertise from partners that Walton Vintage has gained. One of these partners was the Slubowski brothers – Roman and Robert. Their expertise in the field of heavy boxer motors and all-around knowledge of German brands allowed Walton Vintage to grow even more including brands such as Drad, NSU, Zundapp, and BMW.

Unfortunately in 2007 Walton Vintage experienced a great loss with the passing of one its founding fathers. Grzesiek Osinski passed away after a 6 month battle with Cancer. Grzesiek contributed much throughout the years taking care of the collection in Poland with Pawel. He maintained many of the motorcycles and helped with many of the restorations. Grzesiek was a great partner but most of all he was a devoted father and Husband that always made sure to take care of his family and relatives. He was a great man that everyone loved to be around with his great attitude and love for life. He will be missed.