Unique Collection of Vintage Motorcycles

Pre-War/ WWII Collected Works: Brough Superior, Sokol, Vincent, BMW, Zundapp, NSU, DKW, Drad, Gnome Rhone, Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph, BSA, Douglas.

Walton Vintage is not a company but more of a site for sharing. We would like to invite you to experience our collection and experience the different brands, makes, and models of our exquisite collected works. Throughout this site, you will find many different bikes and their history. Bikes from pre-war and war times, these bikes range anywhere from the 1900’s all the way through the 1960’’s. You will see many different paints and finish compilations and many different ideas. Some of the bikes you will see are Brough Superior, Sokol, Zundapp, BMW, Ajs, Harley Davidson, Indian, BSA, Vellocette, Triumph, Victoria, DKW, Drad, Douglas, Gnome Rhone, and many others.

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